New (Used 1x) Model 01 in WA,USA - Open to Offer

Item: Model 01
Price:$300 + USPS Shipping (domestic US)
Condtion: New-ish (used 1x for ~15min)
Location: Washington, US

A bit more about the item, including a few pictures: Hi, I have a brand new (ish) Model 01 that I ordered on Nov 11, 2018 and then (finally) received on December 27, 2018. There is nothing wrong with the keyboard other than it won’t work for my intended purposes (I am a work-from-home data engineer and there are too many short-cuts that are weird or not available the same way when one-handed-typing-while-mousing).

Item ships in original package with everything and no blemishes/damage or anything- I only used it for about 15min sadly.



Is this still available? I might be interested in having a second keyboard for i.e. work/home…

Yes, I still have it. It is still new-ish in the box- I think I only used it for 2-3hrs before realizing that it wouldn’t work for me.

Beauty. I also struggled with one-handed shortcuts, but made a lot of progress by adding a new layer for mirror-mode kind of like the Matias One Handed keyboard.

I’m sorry to bail back out but I just got smacked with an unexpected large expense. Though I’d love to, I probably won’t be able to take this off your hands for a month or two (and I would expect it to be gone by then). Sorry!

Are you trolling the people who had to wait 3 years for their keyboards?

Not intentionally. I was wanting to order one for most of that time ever since I first saw the keyboard, so in a way, that was kind of 3yrs.

Is this still available

Hi, yes, I still have it. It is still new-ish in the box with only about 4hrs of use on it before I decided I just couldn’t make it work for my job.

I’m very interested! Will you be able to ship it to Portland? DM me with details

Is the keyboard still for sale? Are you in the Seattle Area?

@Spunky_Sparky I happen to know that Nick bought this board so it’s sold.

Thanks for the info .