New (Used 1x) Model 01 in WA,USA - Open to Offer

(Ray) #1

Item: Model 01
Price:$300 + USPS Shipping (domestic US)
Condtion: New-ish (used 1x for ~15min)
Location: Washington, US

A bit more about the item, including a few pictures: Hi, I have a brand new (ish) Model 01 that I ordered on Nov 11, 2018 and then (finally) received on December 27, 2018. There is nothing wrong with the keyboard other than it won’t work for my intended purposes (I am a work-from-home data engineer and there are too many short-cuts that are weird or not available the same way when one-handed-typing-while-mousing).

Item ships in original package with everything and no blemishes/damage or anything- I only used it for about 15min sadly.