New user needs help with plugins

I have just placed an order for a keyboardio, but I am worried about installing plugins: in short, I have no idea how to do it.

I am quite excited with the possibility of using plugins that will make my life easier, such as one shot shift, macros, and more. However, I have no previous knowledge of programming or coding, and absolutely no idea on how to install plugins, and whatever material I found online seems to require a basic knowledge of coding that I do not possess.

Would anyone be kind enough to help?

Welcome to the Keyboardio community. I hope you love your board when it arrives. After receiving help from Jesse, I wrote up a “Getting started with Plugins” for the wiki. I haven’t gotten it there yet, but I did post it for feedback. You can find it at It sounds like I had a bit more experience that you currently have, but I hope you’ll still find it pretty useful. If you get stuck, I encourage you to post questions here. I’ve found the community super helpeful.


Thank you, ghoetker. I really appreciate your help. I will read it and follow your advice.