No Device detection when connecting

I have reprogrammed my keyboard(pvt serial 35) with the latest bootloader around a month ago.
It has been working fantastically. I came into work tuesday, typed 3 characters then, blank. I didn’t feel any static shock or anything. I keyboard isn’t recognized by the computer anymore. I took the computer home, and tried out 3 different usb type-c cables. Nothing changes on both of my windows 10 PC (one of which was used to flash the bootloader previously).

Then I thought time to pull out the multimeter. This is where it gets weird. I voltages look great. Oh by the way I Love all of the test points on the bottom! That is nice, greatest debugging features I’ve seen. thanks. Either way, I was actually able to connect to the chip with my Atmel AVRISP MKII. read a good 5V, I was able to connect read everything off of the chip just fine. I Reprogrammed the catarina bootloader just to be sure.
After that I still don’t get any hardware change. I would have followed the steps for flashing the firmware, but without any device recognized port that wasn’t possible.

I would have looked closer into checking the circuits associated with the USB, but they are under the plastic Black plate. How does one get that off without taking the keys apart, or unsoldering the keyswitches? Is there an IFixit for removing it?

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to repair this issue?


I think that in cases like this, the best is to email

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I will do that, I was curious if anyone else has seen this issue before.
I’ll post how it was resolved.