Windows 10 driver


I try to flash my Model 01 keyboard but in the Arduino IDE the port list is disabled.
I use Windows 10 2004 and the keyboard - possibly the bootloader - appears as ‘Other devices -> SMS/MMS’. I don’t really find any relevant documentation how to proceed, a similar question was: Windows 7: COM Port for Model 01 not showing up
The keyboard itself works and I use it to type this post.

I checked it on a Mac, the keyboard appears in the IDE’s Port list as expected, which is a workaround on the short term.
The Zadig didn’t solve it either. So I cannot flash the keyboard on my PC which is pretty unfortunate.

Strangely after reinstalling Windows the issue is gone.

I have idea, as I used DriverMax to install drivers and it’s likely that one of the installed drivers caused the issue. Sticking to drivers from Microsoft or the motherboard’s website the issue doesn’t occur.

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