Windows and compilation problems

Hi folks,

I’m still getting used to using the Model 01 but I’ve run into a few problems.

The first and most obvious is that there is no DEL key on the Model 01 which means it is impossible to form the Ctrl+Alt+Del keystroke which is necessary to sign in to Windows 7! This pretty much prevents primary usage of the keyboard.

I’ve tried to set up to rebuild the firmware but the instructions aren’t set up for Windows systems - I did manage to find out how to create a symbolic link under Windows but the make tools still don’t work properly even with Arduino’s MinGW installed as they don’t seem to find the correct compiler.

Are there any good ways to work around these?

Fn+Backspace should be delete, so Ctrl+Alt+Fn+Backspace should allow you to log into Windows 7. Not the most convenient combination, but not impossible to press, either!

I think using the Arduino IDE on Windows would be easier. The following WiKi page should walk you through the process:

I was able to get the IDE to compile the firmware, but uploading it doesn’t work. Pressing the Prog button on the keyboard doesn’t seem to do anything - the LEDs continue to cycle as normal and I can even type while holding Prog down.

Are you holding down the prog key while the firmware is being uploaded, or just pressing and releasing it immediately?

I am holding it down, nothing changes when I do. As I say the keyboard continues to cycle LEDs and type which suggests it is not running a bootloader. I’ve tried the tips on repeatedly pressing it every 8 seconds and that didn’t seem to make any difference.

To flash the Model 01 on Windows 7, you need to install a custom windows serial driver. Can you give the instructions in this thread a shot?

Is this what you’re talking about because it’s how I fixed mine and now it works every time without fail: Windows 7: COM Port for Model 01 not showing up

I tried going through the instructions there and learned that the bootloader port is COM5 which does indeed not show up in the Arduino IDE. But when I try to run the avrdude command line (do not give software that breaks “cute” names, it’s annoying) it just says COM5 is not found, and holding Prog doesn’t change anything on the keyboard. When I do the upload through Arduino IDE it offers COM4 and the keyboard does respond to Prog being pushed, but it then gives the “Can’t set state” error.

Ok, I did finally get this working like this:
1 - Unplug Model01 and plug in again while holding Prog
2 - While Prog light is red, run Arduino and open Ports menu, COM5 is visible, select it. After red light goes out, Com5 disappears from menu, but stays set in Arduino IDE.
3 - Unplug Model01 Run compile and upload, wait until an error message referring to ports appears and starts to loop.
4 - While error message is looping plug in Model01 again with prog key held down.