Noobie failing at making macros

I am computer-savvy but not great at the nitty gritty and certainly can not code. I have been trying to make macros and can get as far as tasking them and then assigning them, but when I go to use them I just get rapid tabbing through my pages. Am I missing steps? I am just trying to get some basics like Alt+Tab, and Ctrl+Alt+Del, etc…

If you just need to combine one key with modifiers (Ctrl, Alt, Shift, AltGr, Gui), you don’t need a macro, and it’s easy to achieve with Chrysalis :

  1. Select the key you want in the picker

  2. Select the modifiers you need in the Modifiers section

  3. Save and enjoy rebooting with one key :slight_smile:

Thank you so much…It was driving me bats…I am not settled into better typing…