Is it possible to create a "Meh" key?

Is it possible to create a key to function as a “meh” modifier key in Chrysalis? I.e. to programme a key so that when you press and hold it, then click on another key, it produces ctrl+alt+shift+. E.g. meh+C generates ctrl+alt+shift+C.

(Sorry if it’s been asked before - I’ve had a look round and I can’t find the answer)

Pick a modifier key, then use the toggles in the “Modifiers” section to add other modifier flags to that key.

Thanks Merlin.
I went for the ANY key, clicked on Shift, Control and Alt, which generated the code #27393 on the key (see screenshot attached)

I’ve saved the changes onto the keyboard, but it doesn’t seem to work (for example, shift+ctrl+alt+C opens up snagit, but ANY+C doesn’t do anything).

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

P.S. I tested in photoshop too: shift+ctrl+alt+e creates a new layer, any+e just does the same as e - shifts to the eraser tool

Start by mapping that key to shift, then add the other modifiers. If Chrysalis lets you add modifier flags to keys that are not basic Keyboard keys (unless you had already remapped it, the “Any” key was a Macros Key), that’s a bug in Chrysalis.

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Spot on @merlin - many thanks :grinning:

Is there any way to have a Hyper / Mey “key” as secondary action ?

I do that by assigning the secondary action to shift to a new layer, and putting the meh versions of keys on that layer. Bit of a faff but works well and means you can be flexible in what you assign to each key. I also make it light the relevant keys in purple…

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Ha perfect thanks Roy ! I though I would have to mess with a custom firmware.

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