OneShot: Mouse pointer gets stuck (OSL(FUNCTION)) — ok with ShiftToLayer

I use fn key to change to FUNCTION layer using OneShot plugin (OSL(FUNCTION)).
In this layer e, s, d, f are mapped to mouse movements: Key_mouseUp/L/Dn/R.
Usually I keep fn pressed while using e, s, d, f.
After some time working (mouse movement, regular typing, hitting Function keys (fn + keys corresponding to keypad numbers — also via OSL(FUNCTION))) the mouse pointer freezes — fn + e, s, d, f do not work anymore; mouseWarping (fn + w, r, x, v) does.
It is possible to exit this ‘mode’ by hitting Alt, then fn+e, release fn, Esc (annoying, but works).
After replacing OSL with ShiftToLayer for fn key I have not seen the strange pointer freezing behavior anymore.
Why this?

regards, jo

edit: ino attached
Model01-Firmware.ino (23.8 KB)

Are you using up-to-date plugins?

Is my understanding correct that during this time, the OSL(FUNCTION) Fn key is not held the whole time?

How can I know that everything is up to date?
Two or three days ago I made a

make update-submodules

as described in the wiki and made some changes in the ino file to be compatible with the new API.

Yes, you are right, I keep fn pressed only for moving the mouse pointer.
(CAD software, heavy use of function keys, combined with combinations of different modifiers, frequent mouse moves.)

regards, jo

You should be sufficiently up to date then. I’ll see if I can reproduce the problem.