Replacements for the Model 01's black rubber feet


(Adam Spiers) #1

One of the black rubber feet has fallen off the bottom of my Model 01, so I guess some of the others might follow suit eventually. If I can find where it went then maybe I can superglue it back in, but are replacements available?


Have you tried supergluing it yet? Did it work?

(Adam Spiers) #3

No I haven’t found it yet…


I’m thinking that @jesse has already tried gluing the feet to the kb and knows what to do.

(Jan Warchoł) #5

This happened to me as well, already lost 2 feet and I have no idea where they are… :frowning:

(Jesse) #6

We’ve got a hidden product on the web storefront:

In terms of repair, I’d probably use something like a rubber cement before I’d use a superglue, since it’ll be less likely to harm the rubber feet.


I also had one of the rubber feet fall off my keyboard (though fortunately I didn’t lose it).

I’m curious, is the hidden product just the set of feet or does it also include some glue/rubber cement?

(Jesse) #8

They have 3M adhesive on the back.