RollerMouse + Keyboardio

(Taylor) #1

I haven’t yet ordered my Keyboardio (but I’m really excited to). Does anyone have experience combining the Keyboardio and RollerMouse Red?

I found a reddit user who had combined a RollerMouse Red with the Ergodox EZ and am wondering how much of an issue the built in palm rests on the Keyboardio will be. Https://

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(Tré Ammatuna) #2

I think the biggest problem for me is, to use this I’d have to let it dictate how my Model01 is set up, which I just don’t think would work for my wrists. If I could try it for free for a month before spending $250, then I’d see what it’s like.

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I tried and failed to combine my RollerMouse Red with the Model 01. There is a conflict between the M01’s built-in palm rests and the RollerMouse, which is designed to slide beneath a standard straight keyboard. You have a few options:

  • Place the RollerMouse between yourself and the keyboard. This pushes the keyboard back, IMO uncomfortably.
  • Place the RollerMouse behind the keyboard on a riser. I use this configuration sometimes with a Kinesis Advantage2. It works pretty well as long as your mousing is brief.
  • Place the RollerMouse in between the keyboard halves, like in your photo. The RollerMouse is too wide for this. (Apparently they used to make a narrower model, but I couldn’t find one to buy when I looked.)

With the M01 there are always more creative mounting options, too, but I haven’t explored these.

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