Shipping estimates for MP2, MP3, and subsequent runs

Because Jesse isn’t busy enough and not to sound ungrateful but…

Do you know when all backers will get their M01, because using a M01 for home and a kinesis for work is really adding to the delight/frustration. Its great when I can work remote (cause I’m on my M01), but when I’m in the office, its not as great. And I’d rather not transport my M01 from home/work every day.

Just curious.


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We’re pushing as hard as we can. The first wood supplier has blown two more deadlines / promise dates. We’ve got two more wood suppliers on-board and working toward production of enclosures, both promising delivery in less than 3 weeks. The third one ought to be signed within the week.

We’re hoping to get a backer update out late this week. Our plan is to go through the current status, as well as to talk about all the known issues reported by customers with MP1 keyboards and how we’re handling them.


I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d promise you anything just to save face, even if they know they won’t be able to make good on the promise. I’ve recently found out that this is very common behavior in mainland China, though I wasn’t sure if it would apply to Shenzhen. Apparently it does.

Edit: This article was an interesting read:

This has nothing to do with China or saving face and is specific to this particular interaction. I can’t really go into detail in public, though.

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Ok. My comment may be misplaced, since I don’t know what actually happened.

Like always, I think it’s valid to state us Keyboardio backers are very patient and we really appreciate Jesse and Kaia to put quality above delivery deadlines!


Agreed, mind you, I’m in no way complaining or demanding anything.

@jesse I ordered a few days ago and the website said estimated Shipping Q4/2017, now its Q1/2018. Did you have/ have had stock which is now shipped or is „just“ the general run not finish for a shipping this year?

Also the shop did not send a success email to my address, maybe it doesn’t like the + sign?
My credit card report shows the transaction as done.

Jesse recently answered a similar question here:

So far, there was a PVT run, and a batch of about a thousand keyboards sent out. A second batch of 1000 units is needed to fulfill all kickstarter orders, and a third to fulfill post-kickstarter preorders. IIRC the third batch is not completely sold out, so if you ordered a few days ago, you are likely in that batch still. 2018 Q1 sounds like a reasonable estimate.

All of this is what I could gather from comments here and on twitter, and this is in no way official information.

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We ended up deciding to make that change to the promised delivery date on the website because, well, because we’re not 100% positive that we’re going to hit Q4 2017 (about 30 days from now), especially for orders at the tail end of the batch. We’ll know a whole lot more by the end of the week, I hope.

But it seemed like changing our public promise for new orders was the responsible thing to do, especially since it’s going to be…close, if we pull it off.

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Hello jesse,
i hope 2 weekends were enough to solve some outstanding questions. Can you post any updates?
I know from the pyra project that it is not easy to get hardware done if you want quality and don’t order 1 million items. But I hope you can share a progress update and some timeline, maybe two month™? (Be careful with that time term, that’s the estimate of the pyra.)

Hi Raven,

Please see our most recent update here:

Jesse, are you able to estimate how long it takes to prepare, QA and ship the keyboards once satisfactory wood arrives?

The factory has said that it’d be a 7 day turn around for 1000 keyboards. After that, QA+shipping to the US is probably about 1 more week. After that, it shouldn’t take longer than another week to get things shipped out, though last time around it took 2+


Thanks Jesse. Safe to reset expectations to late January? I’m full of anticipation.

Also appreciating the Twitter updates that you guys post.