[SOLD] Model 01-L: It clicks! (price dropped to $250)

Item: Keyboard.io Model 01-L
Price: $250
Condtion: Like New
Location: Phoenix, Arizona

A bit more about the item, including a few pictures:
It’s great, I just don’t need two. It’s serial #010372. All original accessories included. It’ll even ship in the original box.

Is this unit still for sale Sir? I am a University student so could not offer you full price due to my poverty…

I don’t mean to offend you with my offer Sir… it is just that I am $20k in debt and need to mitigate my exposure to financial risk given that my graduation or placement in the job market is hardly guaranteed… Especially since Universities are used as social filters and my demographic is usually on the loosing end of that resource tussle.

I’m interested but don’t understand the significance of 01-L. How is it different from the one sold on the main site? Louder switches?

Yes. You can find a sound test here.