[SOLD] Model 01 (Quiet Click) - Washington, US

Item: Model 01, quiet click
Price: $280 + shipping
Condtion: Like New (used for ~30 min.)
Location: Seattle, WA, USA

I took it out of box to test it out, but did not like it unfortunately.

Hi there! Still for sale? Please DM if so.

(Am located in the Bay Area)


It’s still available. I’m willing to offer $230 including USPS shipping since it’s been almost a month. Please let me know if you’re interested. Thanks!

(sorry I could not send this as a private message)

Messaged you. I think that should enable you to message me back, but ping me here if not!

If this is still for sale, I’ll buy it. Please DM me (I just joined and can’t send private messages yet). I’m in Colorado.

If this everyone else fell through I will buy it.

My apologies, this is already sold.