Split M100 outward angles

I think I’ve found the way I enjoy using the M100 in a split configuration, and it surprised me how much I needed to angle the halves away from the center to make the number keys run across in a nearly straight line (as on a normal keyboard). This leaves a V shape between halves, and I estimate mine is about 30 degrees with the halves of my keyboard shoulder-width apart.

It seems that the more I separate the halves, the more this outward angling becomes necessary. It also makes the wooden wrist rest feel closer.

Do other people angle their halves this way? I hadn’t seen anyone mention that this makes splitting the keyboard comfortable. As I design a way of fixing the halves to my desk, I’m definitive keeping this in mind.

well, i guess everyone just has a different breadth of shoulders, length of fingers, neutral angle of wrists and arm lengths. haha so i’m pretty sure everyone has a different preference.

i personally keep the m100 close to the center and angled opposite from yours such that i have an A shape :sweat_smile:

I have mine mounted on some articulated SmallRig mounts (meant for cameras I think). They’re OK, but it’s almost impossible to get both sides at the same angle and the one part that’s hardest to tighten is the rotation of the boards (these things have one knob to tighten three joints). They’re roughly shoulder width, both tented and angled out around 30° maybe (if you consider the inside edge of the board being vertical as 0°).

The mounts clamp onto the desk. At the moment they are angled above the desk, which is not optimum, but OK. I’ve tried with them in front of & below the level of the desk which was interesting, but I felt too far away from the desk & monitor. Also experimented with them attached to the chair which was quite good until you want to get up suddenly and realise your chair is now attached to the usb hub by a cable…awkward.