Stalker Rainbow vs Numpad

So I’ve fallen in love with the stalker rainbow effect (and think it should be one of the default effects, but oh well), but when I access numpad layer, the light effect from that supersedes the rainbow effect and erases the cool decaying colours. Is it reasonably possible to have it so the decaying colours are restored, or does the numpad effect have to erase that? I really don’t mind disabling the numpad effect too much, but I kinda like it still.

On a side note, is there a way to set the rainbow effect to have a slower decay?

You want Stalker.step_length, I think.

Try changing the order of plugins, and put NumPad earlier, before StalkerEffect. That way, Stalker should override NumPad, not the other way around. (Untested, mind you, let me know if that works!)

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Not sure how I missed something that was in the very place I was looking! Thanks!

Doing that hasn’t changed numpad overriding stalker though. But I’m more happy about my better heatmap keyboard anyway!