Symantec Endpoint Encryption does not recognize Keyboardio

Any advice on this? Do I need a newer firmware? Have searched forums / online and can’t find anything. Any other wireless / wired keyboard works so for now have had to use a separate keyboard to boot my PC. Obviously not convenient.

Upgrading the firmware should resolve the issue, indeed, or at least make it possible to put the keyboard into a mode that does work with Symantec Endpoint Encryption. The key thing is “Boot Protocol” support. USB keyboards have two ways to report what keys are pressed to the host, the boot protocol, which supports up to 6 keys pressed at the same time, and is a very simple protocol, and “Report Protocol”, which supports pretty much any number of keys, but is considerably more complicated. Many BIOSes and early-boot things such as disk encryption prompts and the like only implement the boot protocol. The factory firmware the Model01 ships with had an incomplete implementation of this protocol, which we fixed later on.

So, updating the firmware should help!

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Thank you! I updated the firmware to the latest default version and it doesn’t seem to help. Is there some hot key to change the mode to this six key thing? Have a great weekend!!

Left Fn + Esc + Shift should do the trick.

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Hmmm… that didn’t work. When I tried the same key combo in windows it made the hardware removed sound and typing went to all caps. I was still stuck on the Symantec Endpoint “press any key to continue” and sadly it did not recognize any keys. Thanks for the quick response though. It isn’t all for nothing – I have caps lock with Fn+LED so that’s cool.