Talkin’ bout my generation

Is there a guide to the different generations of the keyboard?
I see used keyboards advertised here (a bit overpriced, I think), but am tempted to get a second one.
Which generations should be avoided?
Is there a definitive way to ascertain their generation, besides the ship date? Serial number?

I received mine about 2 weeks ago, does it have a generation?


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First, some background. A given keyboard belongs to a Mass Production run (“MP” in shortened form), with the run number appended; so MP2 refers to all keyboards which were made during the second mass production run.

Regarding which generations should be avoided: there are currently zero MPs which contain unfixable defects. With that said, early MPs can have issues with repeated keystrokes (if your keyboard exhibits this defect, contact and they will walk you through the fix).

If you received yours approximately two weeks ago, it is probably from MP4 (though there is a chance it could be from MP5).

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I have an MP1 and an MP4/5, both quiet keyboards. There are a few non-functional differences that I noticed.

I actually like my MP1 keyboard more than the MP5 one, despite the key chattering I experienced. Typing on the MP1 keyboard feels a little smoother. Maybe it’s because of the excessive key switch lubrication (that also caused the key chattering?), or maybe it’s because I’ve typed a few million keys on it already, I don’t know.

Also, the palm key is larger in size on the MP1. I like that, it lessens the amount of wrist movement I have to do to press the key.

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I have an MP1 and an MP3 (both soft touch), and I feel the opposite way - I like the slightly more firm touch on the MP3, as well as the different, softer paint finish on the caps (although apparently that varies even within a run due to the multiple keycap providers in play).

What? The palm keys should be 100% identical.

I know I wasn’t imagining things, so I took a closer look, and you
are right, they are the same size. However, my MP5 case is a bit
thicker, so the FN button is sitting a little lower in its case,
making it overall a little “shorter” on the outside.

@jesse How do you tell what production run any given keyboard is from? Is it just by serial number cross reference. Eg MP 1 is serial numbers 000001 to xxxxxx and so on for each production run. Do we have a look up table that is post-able? It would be good to have as reference especially since folks who will be keeping an eye out for a “certified used” model.

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Unfortunately, we don’t have a postable list. And it’s not -quite- as
simple as ranges being from certain batches, as the factory didn’t do
what they were supposed to. If you’re thinking of buying a used Model
01, you’re always welcome to drop us a note at to ask
about the unit’s provenance. If the seller has the original shipping
box, the shipping date on the original label will usually be a good
tell. Anything shipped from Gilroy, CA is PVT or MP1. MP2 keyboards
shipped the first week of February 2018 from Hong Kong. After that, it
gets messier.


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