Treat shapeshifter as advanced option?

On the keyboardio wiki introduction page, it says

It is possible to make SHIFT + 4 create a character other than “$” in the firmware by enabling a plugin called ShapeShifter:

It’s probably better to consider that an advanced option, and try a more straightforward approach first.

If you want to change the shifted character on a key, look in the sidebar for the link to the Keyboardio forum; there are discussions on the forums about how to do it, and friendly folks there who can answer questions.

I’m wondering why that is, because I certainly want to alter many shifted characters in my setup, and the instructions given its use are not all that intimidating. Are there issues about it that mean it should be avoided - I’ve been seeing it proposed pretty freely in the forums? Also I couldn’t find the quoted discussions of simpler methods.

It has… some weird issues that are not easy to fix right now. It’s also one of the lesser tested plugins.

Fair enough. I couldn’t find the “more straightforward approach” that is apparently in these forums, what’s that about?

I think the “more straightforward approach” would be LSHIFT(4) in the keymap, on a symbol layer. So to input $, you’d press something like Left FN + 1 instead of Shift + 4 (assuming that we want to move $ to the position of the 1 key).

That’s not unreasonable. I may do that until ShapeShifter is more stable, but I would certainly prefer it as intended with a more stable ShapeShifter. Considering it’s looking like I’m going to be using a lot of plugins and don’t know much about coding, probably better if I play it safe there!