Typing angle brackets in scandinavian layout


How do i type angel brackets (<,>) on the model-01, with nordic layout on the OS? I have tried some serious google-fu, but i just cant seem to find a solution not involving installing third party software on the OS.

Does anyone have suggestions? I am comfortable with modyfing the firmware as needed.

I’ve got two things you could try:

  • Key_NonUsBackslashAndPipe
  • Key_NonUsPound

If your “normal” keyboard lets you type angle brackets with a key between Z and the left shift key, my guess is that key’s keycode is Key_NonUsBackslashAndPipe, but I don’t know for sure.

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Merlin, you are a literal god! Thanks a lot; this seemed to do the trick:

  • Key_NonUsBackslashAndPipe == ‘<’
  • LSHIFT(Key_NonUsBackslashAndPipe) == ‘>’
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