Typing Effort Grid for Model 100?

I have been using standard colemak for a couple of years and are very happy about it.
Today I was procrastinating a little and reading about the reasoning behind colemak-dh.

To my surprise the author claims that the standard colemak layout which places D on querty G and keeps H in its original position is uncomfortable and that placing D on V and H on M is a lot better.

I am not sure I agree with that reasoning, but the argument all comes down to a Typing Effort Grid, which supports the argument: Colemak Mod-DH - Keyboard effort grid (colemakmods.github.io)

The main grid seems to be developed on a classic keyboad layout. But as the Model 01/100 are very different keyboards, I would guess that the Typing Effort Grid, should be different for a Model 01/100 as well.

@jesse do you have an opinion on how the grid should look for your keyboard?

I think it is extremely interesting as colemak-dh declares itself the “winner” - but based on their own scoring model.

Colemak Mod-DH - analyze layouts (colemakmods.github.io)

I would be interested to see some weight configurations for the Model 01/100. And arguments on why the ergonomics of the keyboard change the picture.


Just wanted to contribute a URL especially for German layouts: http://www.adnw.de/

There is a software available that optimizes the layout according to some input corpus. It uses weights for certain keys etc.

So, i went with the XOY-Variant because it was optimized for keyboards with thumb keys.

But you might actually use the optimizer to create ypur own optimal layout :wink: