Unable to backup / restore color maps for Model 100

Not sure if I’m doing it wrong, but I don’t seem to be able to load the colors in from an exported file.

When I ‘Load from file…’ it shows the colors I expect, but when I ‘Import’ they don’t seem to be there in Chrysalis, or on the keyboard when I ‘Save Changes’.

Not sure if it’s relevant but I have set my ‘Default led mode’ to 14 as per: Model 100 firmware - Assigning LED color to keys does not work

You’re not doing anything wrong, it is a bug in Chrysalis, we’re working on it: Importing an existing layout doesn't update colors · Issue #1059 · keyboardio/Chrysalis · GitHub

Okay, great! I’ll stop worrying about it and look forward to that working in the future.

I was interested because it seemed easier to modify all the colors on a layer with a text editor than through Chrysalis.

Coming soon™:

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