Yet another request for quiet keyboard ideas

I like typing on this keyboard, and during the day it doesn’t really bother me, but I’m often working free netflix or typing at night, android 9 and I’ve already woken up my kid in the next room with my typing (light sleeper).

I also found that I tend to bottom out keys when I’m typing very quickly. Is this just a matter of learning to not be as heavy handed when I type? Is there something I can do to quiet down the click from these switches? Are there quieter switches I should be using?

I can also return this keyboard. I’m realizing that membranes, at least to me, aren’t all that bad, and I’d be perfectly content with a quality membrane keyboard, so long as it has anti-ghosting and isn’t a low profile, or god forbid, a chiclet keyboard. I like my full sized keys! Do you guys have any suggestions for quiet membrane keyboards? My work uses Lenovo KU-0225 keyboards, and they seem much quieter than the Corsair even when I’m typing quickly.


I can’t suggest any membranes, but I had great success with an Atreus with Cherry MX Silent Reds as a quiet keyboard (with ABS SA keycaps; keyboard bought from FalbaTech). It’s quieter than the rubber-dome board I was using prior to it for nightly typing.

Like you, I bottom out all the time too, and even the quiet click switches are too loud at night (our twins are light sleepers, and nightly feeding happens ~2m away from my work corner). The silent reds have been awesome so far, didn’t accidentally wake the kids in the past 3 months, wife can’t even hear me type.

Thus, I’m using the Model01 during the day, when kids are awake anyway, and switch to the Atreus at night when its past their bedtime.

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