Blazing Trail modification


Curious if it’s possible to add an option in the code to customize BlazingTrail. Something along the lines of

STALKER(BlazingTrail, initialColour, highlightColour, fadeColour)

where initialColour is the initial colour that pops up when you hit a key, highlightColour is the colour that it does the “fire” effect with as it cycles, and fadeColour being the colour the cycle fades to. Currently, it looks like BlazingTrail would be along the lines of STALKER(BlazingTrail, red, orange, white).

In theory, yes, it is possible. In practice… less so, because transitioning between arbitrary colors is - to my understanding - not trivial. The current colors are carefully selected so that the transition is easily calculated. With arbitrary colors, we wouldn’t have this benefit.

This makes sense.

Perhaps I’ll look into choosing some specific colours and figuring that out so that BlazingTrail has some variants. I’m all for red… but prefer a purple/blue/aqua combo myself. haha.

Thanks for the reply.

Purple/blue/aqua should be doable easily, since those come after each other in the HSV model. I guess if BlazingTrail would allow setting the starting hue, that’d make this possible.