Can't type '@' on linux (Danish layout) works on Windows

I have a - at least to me - weird issue on Linux (Solus). For Danish QWERTY layouts, you usually write the at-sign with ‘Alt + Ctrl + 2’ or ‘AltGr + 2’ to write @. AltGr isn’t (per default) present, so in Windows, I use Alt + Ctrl + 2, which works just fine. However, on Linux it doesn’t even though I have the layout is set to Danish allowing me to write ÆØÅ for example.

I’ve edited the standard QWERTY layout of the model 01 slightly to rearrange æøå and ’ but nothing that would affect the keys involved.

Do you have any suggestions as to what might be the issue?

If I recall correctly, the default layout does have an AltGr (Key_RightAlt) key — that’s what the butterfly logo key is mapped to on the base layer.


You are right, I had already changed the function of key so that I would have " ’ " more more readily available :sweat_smile: