Custom Mounts - What are your ideas?

(Jesse) #41

That is likely to destroy the structural integrity of the stand. Trimming the mouse pad, while possibly a heresy, is likely to be easier and safer.

personally, I’ve been thinking of milling some stands and that are basically solid blocks of wood in the shape of the keyboard just cut at the angle I would like to hold the keyboard at. to do this properly, I world need to mill out little cut outs for the feet and the rails.

if I had just a little bit more free time, I could prototype them and put up the design somewhere.


Those little clip on stands ( ) are not bad at all, but you need to tighten the screws holding it together (keyboardio screw driver parts worked, but angle means you need something to hold them like pliers)

I did notice I wasn’t taking my keyboard home because it was a faff to pack-up having to take the stands off… so I’ve also bought these quick release base plates so it will be easy to take off just the keyboard and leave the stands setup:

I think long term I’ll get some stronger clamps for work and keep the clip on ones for home/on the road.

(Mark Vedder) #43

Another quick release option would be the one on the right in the photo below. It’s a magnetic mount from the site @leoj3n mentions above. Looks like it would be thinner than the quick release you mention. Thus perhaps easier to carry. Of course it requires the item you are attaching it to to be metal/magnetic. (Both the one’s shown are magnetic, but the one on the right is thinner and thus more suited to your use case I think.)

(kajsa.anderson) #44

Noted. For some reason I wasn’t thinking that the stand is likely hollow.

No offense, but that sounds like major over-engineering. My thought is more along the lines of a 2x6 with the ends cut at the angle I want, and intentionally smaller than the keyboard. The fanciest thing there would be recessing a spot for the knobs to screw into the tripod attachment. Good point about needing to account for the rails, though.

(kajsa.anderson) #45

That was my original thought. I don’t have a router, but my dad does. His masters is in Industrial Ed; he can make anything out of wood or metal, and has a pretty decent workshop.

(Jesse) #46

None taken! This is very much something at the “art project” end of things.


I’ve also seen: which seems to be what some people are making with parts

UPDATE: I’ve ordered 2 from Amazon - will get them in about a week (as they are from US) - I’ll report back. I have been thinking I’ll be using the above desk, so didn’t check for the length of the bar to see if will work under the desk

(Mark Vedder) #48

Indeed. That looks promising. Thanks for sharing.

(Daniel Shields) #49

If anyone has tried these I’d be interested to know if the arms are long enough when the clamps are on the under side of a desk, and if they’ll support the weight.


I’ve had these ( ) for about an hour, so can’t talk about the long term, but initially I’m very please with them, they seem very firm once tightened into place.

Might be a little tight to go under desk, but as I’ve never done that before I’m not sure on what’s considered comfortable, but it does fit…


I still think I’ll stay above table (as I can’t adjust the height of my table at work)… so I think this might be my setup for a while…


(Daniel Shields) #51

Do they fit with the keyboard below and in front of the desk?


Don’t you have to hold your arms in place the entire time? Doesn’t it get tiring?

(kajsa.anderson) #53

That’s been exactly my concern with this sort of set-up - would love some feedback from someone who’s been using something like this for a while.

(Stan) #54

I dunno about the set up in the pic, but with my goldtouch at max tenting angle I have to hold my hands up in the air and have no issue with it since it’s physically impossible to rest the palm on the table while typing without bending in some crazy position.

(Björn Andersson) #55

I haven’t used anything like that, but that’s what the arm rests on the chair are for. You put your elbows on the arm resets and then it doesn’t take much force to keep the arms up. The way I typed on my previous keyboards was to rest my elbows on the arm rests, have my palms free in the air and fingers dangling down; sort of like piano playing. I don’t think that extreme tenting will be tiring for the arms.

The Model 01 somehow forces me to use the palm rests when I use the included stands. I have never rested my palms before.


Yes, I’ve got quite high arm rests, by raising my chair making sure my shoulders arn’t hunched. I’ve also found I want the keyboard tilted up slightly, so with my elbows on the arm rests it all feels quite comfortable.

I’ve only gone a day so far (been away), but it’s felt good, and the quick release camera mounts have really made it east taking the keyboard between work and home.

Typing speed is still slow, but it’s getting there.

I’ll report back in a week or two, but so far so good

(kajsa.anderson) #57

Dad’s suggestion for mounting to the 2x6 I described to him was velcro. I’ve got some 3M command adhesive picture hangers with velcro, so I might give that a try this weekend.

@jesse, what’s the angle on the octostands &/or the tent bar? I’d like to use that as a starting point, and experiment with steeper tenting from there.

(Piers Cawley) #58

This adaptor looks like it might be useful for attaching your central barrel. At least one of the umbrella adaptors I have in my big bag o’ lighting gear looks like it’ll serve too. Stick it on the end of say, a magic arm/superclamp combo and you have a very positionable setup.

(ArleyM) #59

Has anyone come across anything that could mount a tablet to the keyboard? I barely use my laptop as a lap-topping computer any more, but miss that portability at times. I was thinking if I used the M01 as a one-piece (like the flat mount) it would be amazing to use the tripod mounts on some kind of flat piece that could then function to hold a tablet in place, not unlike a laptop. Maybe i just need a chunk of wood, a drill and a handy friend with a router…

(Tyler Smith) #60

I tried the gorilla pods for a while, but found it tricky/impossible to adjust the position of the keyboard with any precision. I have a couple of cheap table-top tripods now, and the ballheads are really easy to adjust. So far they’ve been quite stable.