Custom Mounts - What are your ideas?

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I got the Arkon mounts mentioned a few times here, and they work really, really well. I have my Keyboardio halves set at 75 degrees, which is super comfortable. The only thing I don’t like about the mounts is that there’s a bit of flex to them while typing, but that’s to be expected, and it doesn’t actually affect the positioning of the two halves.

If Keyboardio ever offers it, I’d be interested in a more turnkey solution that I could still move around my desk if I wanted to.

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You guys using the Arkons, how are you dealing with the additional height? They raise the keyboard a few inches and it’s hurting the backs of my hands.


(tiltowaitt) #63

My desk is adjustable, so I made sure it was at an appropriate height after installing the mounts.


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Adjustable desk here, too. Plus I’ve mounted underneath with some blocks to push the mounts as low as they can go. ALMOST happy with it, but I think I’m going to grab or print a longer set of arms (they’re just RAM mounts) so that I can get the angle to be a little closer to flat.



I like the idea of tilting and tenting the keyboard, but the octofeet are too tall, given my keyboard tray sits at the exact optimal height for me if using a standard keyboard. Currently wondering if mini tripods might not be better instead, since I don’t need or want additional height.



Has anyone found a tripod clamp that doesn’t wobble the keyboard when under pressure? The Arkon’s do, a bit, and the keys take some force to press.



I was thinking about simple vertical mounts, and remembered I had metal bookends with a vertical slot cut out along the middle. An idea was born!

They resemble the ones below except they’re 9" tall. They cost only $15 a pair from the manufacturer for the 7" model, which I’m considering buying for aesthetics, as the 9" protruded above the keyboard more than I liked or required for my desired placement. The cutout acts as a slider so you can adjust the height, and of course, you can adjust the angle.

You need a washer or two to use with the thumb screws from the bundled bases so you don’t damage your keyboard. I screwed it on with the keyboard fastened to rest over the base. It seemed pretty stable, but you could always velcro or command strip it, etc., if you like to pound on your keyboards, or if you wanted to bend the stand to be less vertical.

If you drill a hole or two into the base, I don’t see why you couldn’t also use these as an undermount.


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I’m using basically this same setup at work, but with 2 barrel connectors instead of 1. It sits on my desk, with the edge sitting on a foam wrist pad to protect the wood & prevent sliding.


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How did you go with this? I’m contemplating the purchase of some Joby gorillapod micros (ie. non-bendy pocket tripods) for this purpose. Love typing with the keyboard tented, but the octo-feet seem to cause me various different kinds of wrist/shoulder/arm discomfort after a couple of days use at work. I suspect the height added by the stands is to blame; I’ve done all I can to compensate for it with chair adjustments, but my non-adjustable desk puts limits on this.
Sad to say, I haven’t found my model01 ergonomic sweet-spot yet. I’m in an unfortunate position of can’t-live-with-it-can’t-live-without-it. A low-profile stand would be great.


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Hey, could you let me know what mounts you are using here? I have tried a couple but was not able to get the good stability you mentioned, what brand are they?



After reading this thread, I’ve composed a few RAM Mount components together with a quick-release plate, which I’m happy with so far.

( Not exactly “low profile,” but plenty low enough for my needs, which is a combination of standing, reclining and sitting. )

The QR mechanism looks like this:
Google Photos

One half goes on the keyboard (base plate)…
Google Photos

…and the other half will eventually attach/detach like so:
Google Photos

I bought these three RAM parts–one is a magnetic base…
Google Photos

…which look like so:
Google Photos

Add the other half of the QR to it:
Google Photos

Get something metallic of your choice:
Google Photos

And here is an extreme tent
(which I prefer because it helps keep my shoulders rolled all the way back, not rounded forwards):
Google Photos

More common tent angle:
Google Photos

I wouldn’t say this was a cheap option to experiment with, but I’m happy so far… (I’ve been taking these gambles in ergonomics for almost 15 years, winning some and losing some along the way ;)).



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Finally got this made up, at least most of the way, have some pics. So far the kbio is held in place by gravity and a layer of nodskid shelf liner between it and the supporting oak block.

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(kajsa.anderson) #73

I think I like that better than what I’m using at work. Do the quick-release mounts have a wobble to them? The set I tried had just enough wobble to be really annoying.


(Tim) #74

Thanks for this comment invsblduck. I would like to try something very similar. Any chance you have the model numbers of those five components? I was able to find some, but not all of those components while searching. Thanks again!


(Kris Kumler) #75

How are you connecting the metal center support there? It looks like screws, so no quick removal?
So far I’ve liked a tenting angle much like that, but I think with tripod mounts, just a bit more stiffness would be good for me (particularly with lab usage).


(kajsa.anderson) #76

Yes, I replaced the existing screws with slightly longer ones & washers to account for the height of the slides. Next iteration would probably be cut-outs to fit around the moulded slides instead of over them (I’ve got washers stacked to match the height of the slides.) Quick removal wasn’t a design goal for me, since I backed at the 2-pack level, so I’ve got one at home and another at work.



Nice one. The magnetic base is genius! Pleeease share the model numbers!