Disable mouse and modem USB devices?

is there an easy way to disable the mouse and modem USB devices aboard the M01?

I gave the keyboard a spin together with the ADB Wombat, but while there seems to be enough power through USB, the Wombat appears to throw the towel at the complex set of devices it is presented with…


You can disable the mouse parts by removing the MouseKeys plugin. Dropping the USB serial/modem stuff is - at the moment - not easily possible.

I see. Would this be able through Chrysalis, or do I need to re-build the firmware myself?

You need to rebuild the firmware for this.

Turns out I was looking up the wrong tree, after all.

While reading this, I came across the distinction between Boot Protocol and Report Protocol. Activating Boot Protocol with “left fn + left shift + esc” makes the M01 work perfectly with the Wombat (well, modulo a few key assignments, which I guess will be best dealt with a custom key map on the Mac side).

How hard would it be to have the M01 default to Boot Mode (“rebuild the firmware”, I suspect), and what are its restrictions in general use?

Just came across #59 – seems it’s not so easy…

I guess I could ask the Wombat engineer if it makes any effort to switch an attached USB keyboard to Boot Mode. Any keywords you would suggest to throw into the conversation?