Fun combinations not all working as expected on model 100's Dvorak layout

Is the description (here) of how function keys work still current? Is it meant to describe how function keys work on Dvorak layouts?

The page says that using a function key in combination with w, a, s, d (or, I assume, the keys in the same position on the Dvorak keyboard–that is, <, a, o, and e) will move the mouse cursor. This doesn’t work for me. Nor does the function key in combination with h, j, k, and l (or the keys in the same position in Dvorak) produce arrow keys.

A separate problem is that I don’t seem to be able to produce a pipe symbol.

Can anyone help?

I cannot comment on the first question. The hjkl keys with Fun are not meant to produce an arrow symbol, but are the arrow navigation keys.

I happen to use Dvorak and the function layer.

The default firmware that comes pre-installed is for Qwerty.

I’d suggest you install Chrysalis, and select the Dvorak layout there, and save it. Alternatively, you could follow the guide to install the arduino ide and change the sketch by commenting out the #define on line 188 and enabling the #define on line 189.

On my case, pipe is produced by pressing the rightmost, lowest key (on the normal qwerty layout, it reads _, -, |).

Let me know if I can help with the sketch approach.You can use my sketch as a starting point. I have two configuration files (configurationModel01.h and configurationModel100.h), where I create multiple #define constants (like USE_ONE_SHOT) to specify what plugins are being used, so you should be able to just edit the one for model 100 and decide which features you want to use.

You can get my sketch from here:

PM me if you need help. I can make no promises on how fast I’ll be able to answer, but I will do my best to reply quickly. I’ve tried using Chrysalis, but I use a few features that are not available in there.

–Luis Nakano.

@rpnfan and @Ignakano, thank you for your offers of help! I sold my beautiful Keyboardio a week or so ago (because of ergonomics, not because of Dvorak or software problems, which I eventually figured out) and am back to my Kinesis Advantage.

No problem.

I considered getting a Maltron a long time ago, then a Kinesis, but I got an used Model 01 back in 2018. It took a while to get used, and my sketch evolved over time.

On the Kinesis topic, I have seen the 360 on pictures, and I like the fact that it is curved and split. I knew people that use the Kinesis Advantage 2, and it was an excellent keyboard.

Comfort typing is very personal, so whatever works for you is the right choice.