I somehow broke my Model01 by resoldering on new switches. Any ideas how i can fix?

Well, I messed up. I got tired of my model 01 clicky switches being down-right semifunctional…besides being stiff, they would just get stuck half the time while typing and it was murdering my digits. So because I’m a stubborn DIYer I decided to buy some quiet linear Matias switches and swap the tops out.

That worked until the third or fourth switch, upon which time I quickly abandoned that idea and decided to desolder and reinstall the linear switches wholly. That seemed to work fine…my solder work wasn’t too shabby and I successfully finished the left half without issue. Once I finished the right, however, I noticed that row zero on the right simply would not respond to anything. I started testing all the points with a digital multimeter, and what I discovered is that the testing point for row zero on the right is essentially reading zero volts. on the left, it’s reading about 2.6. When I remove the ethernet cable, row 0 on the left is still reading 2.6. Also, on the expansion port, the bottom most 5v reads. 2.7v while the one right above it reads 5v. Strangely, while temporarily bridging the two, they both dropped down to 5v.

I’m not sure what I did wrong, but I re-soldered all the contacts on both points, and every other column and row seems to have the right voltages. I also continuity tested all the keys and they seem to be functioning.