Installing Model 100 Keycaps

My Model 100 & Colmak keycaps turned up today, what a beautiful looking keyboard!

But, how exactly do I install the Colmak keycaps? There doesn’t appear to be enough spacing between any of the existing keycaps to get the supplied keycap puller around them. I feel like I’m missing something basic. Do i have to take the enclosure off?

Also, a suggestion for Chrysalis would be to add a colmak-dh preset, to match the model 100 colmak keycap set.


While my alternate keycaps arrived today, I’m still waiting on my Model 100. So I don’t know how different the spacing is…but with the Model 01, for some keys, you could get in there with the puller. Usually the ones on an edge are a bit easier. I recall it took some patience and finessing. (But I was also being super careful. I think some other people just went in there with a small screwdriver and popped them off :scream_cat:) Once you get one or two off, the neighboring keys become easier. Then it starts to domino, each subsequent key becoming easier. You will want to go with a “take all of and then replace all” strategy rather than a “take one off, replace it, take the next one off…” strategy.

But there shouldn’t be any reason to take anything apart.

thanks, i got this done, i found starting with the ones next to the esc & butterfly keys the easiest place to start.