Keyboard "intercepting" double taps of modifier key?

Having an odd problem here that might be keyboardio related and hoping someone can help me figure out what’s up. I use a program called LaunchBar (think Spotlight on steroids). I’ve set it to come to the forefront when the command key is double-tapped. This usually works, but sometimes it will just stop working. I can still get it to come up via an alternative keyboard shortcut of ctrl-space. So, the program is live, but either not getting or not processing the double tap. Once this problem occurs, none of the various double-taps I can choose for launchbar (double opt, double ctrl, etc.) work. Restarting seems to fix the problem. Knowing the Keyboardio software can do some funky chording, etc., I’m wondering if it is the issue.

I’m using the stock firmware, plus some LED-related plugins (

Any hints?

Discovered that this is an obscure, intermittent error with LaunchBar that they’ve not yet been able to debug. So, no issue with the keyboard.

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