Mac Command + Tab

Hi all. I’ve been having some trouble trying to change between applications as I used to do with my Mathias keyboard, when all I had to do was hit command + tab. With the keyboardio, however, I just cannot seem to get the keys right, for no matter what keys I hit, I just don’t achieve the same result. Any suggestions?

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Command + Tab works exactly as expected for me, MacOs High Sierra. Have you tried using Chrysalis to confirm that your key definitions are as expected?

Jonathan, this is what I have in terms of keys definition. Am I missing something?

Unless I’m missing something, you don’t seem to have the MacOS command key defined anywhere. You do have two option (alt) keys. In the stock Keyboardio configuration, what you have as RAlt (third key from left on the left thumb keys) should be the command key, which in Chrysalis is called LGui (or RGui). I believe that is the problem.

Problem solved. Thanks a lot.