Model 01 palm rests?

(Bart Nagel) #21

I received the pillow and the little squishies today. They’re very comfy but I find that they get in the way of the palm keys. I’ll keep them to hand…

(Donald Curtis) #22

off topic but what color is that led set at??? amazing lime green.

(Warren Flack) #23

Hear ya – I had to push them to the far corners as much as possible to make using the fn key’s comfortable.

(Warren Flack) #24

Pic was taken using the default green setting

(bjveee) #25

I don’t have my keyboardio yet but your question brings to mind my pillow solution of many years. I first saw pillows marketed as “Sobokawa” pillows with various “out of the box” fillings. Cherry pits are good. “Buckwheat husks” are more readily available everywhere. Any grain mill. Canvas type pillow casings can be sewed in any shape you desire. Leave a velcro strip section as the final closure of the pillow casing. Now you can fill this “pillow” / “wrist rest” with the buckwheat husks to your desired “level” to fit whatever your chosen need/task requires. This has the benefit of not reflecting heat back at your head when you sleep. Much more comfortable in the summer months. Regular pillow casings are used over the canvas material casings. I can imagine full elbow/arm rests formed to suit your purpose.


(JD Lien) #26

Regarding support under the center bar, I’ve found I like using my Model 1 tented this way and wanted some support underneath so the keyboard didn’t flex. I found the plastic from an old bicycle reflector and stuck it under the center bar with some double-sided tape. That happens to support it nicely.
Maybe in a future revision of that part, the center bar should be very thick and/or have some very thick rubber feet that go underneath to support the keyboard.

(JD Lien) #27

Here’s a photo showing the crude support I affixed to the centre bar with some 3M double-sided tape.

(fluffy) #28

I ended up getting these wrist/palm wrests, which seem to be pretty decent. They fit in the palm rest area, although they do make hitting the Fn keys a bit inconvenient unless i get them positioned just right (and then they tend to slide around as I use them). Still, way more comfortable than before. It’d be nice if they were just a little bit thinner. I might experiment with cutting the ‘foot’ off although I don’t know if they’re liquid inside.

(Sean Aubin) #29

Almost two weeks later, how are those wrist/palm rests working for you?

(Sean Aubin) #30

FYI, according to his blog post, @algernon has switched to use mini tri-pods for tilted typing and is loving it.

(fluffy) #31

They’re still working pretty well for me!

(fluffy) #32

I have some tripods like that but the problem is they raise the keyboard up way too high when I’m using it in a seated position. They’re fine for a standing position (as he prefers) but I do a lot of things at my computer which are unwieldy while standing.

(Sean Aubin) #33

Did you end up having to cut them or shape them in any way?

(fluffy) #34

I still haven’t tried shaping them. I will probably end up cutting off the bottoms at some point, since I’m pretty sure they’re not liquid-filled. But for now I’m making do with their too-thick nature.

(fluffy) #35

Update: I tried cutting them today, and that just made a big mess. Not a recommended course of action.

So now I’m looking for new gel pads that ideally start out a lot thinner. :slight_smile:

(Sean Aubin) #36

After considering the options, I think I’m going to try just filling some old socks with rice (don’t think I can find buckwheat husks) and having velcro off one end. Probably gonna have to go the local MakerSpace though…

(bjveee) #37

Hi Sean:

Recent email says my keyboardio is in transit from Hong Kong now. Pretty
excited! I’ve been waiting 3 years. After I have the keyboard I might be
able to get a better idea of what people are dealing with. Sacks of dry
beans from the grocery store might be a intermediary stage to a solution.
I’ve been dreaming of keyboard halves in my Lazy Boy arms for ten years.
Now I might be able to get that dream realized! I guess it never occurred
to me some people might not have grain mills near where they live. I would
be happy to mail you a 3M gallon sealing freezer bag with buckwheat husks
for nothing. They’re almost free for what pillows require. Give me a
month or two to experiment when I get the keyboard and I’ll send you a
email with something more specific to the problem.

Bruce V.

(fluffy) #38

I ended up cutting out some sections of a cheap fabric-covered mouse pad, and then hotglued some felt to it with some polyfill (the stuff used to stuff plush animals et al) in between. This seems to feel pretty okay, and it was a fun little arts-and-crafts project. I also put some hotglue on the underside of the mouse pad to give it a better non-slip texture although I don’t think that was necessary.

(bjveee) #39

Check this out!

(Sean Aubin) #40

Ended up getting some bean-bags instead to allow for easier exploration of what settings work for me and I really just need a few inches tilting my outside wrist up so my pinky can move properly. Gonna try and see if I can hack something with some rubber bands and my bean bags.