Model 01 palm rests?

(Sean Aubin) #41

Well, I certainly admire the level of overkill.

(Tré Ammatuna) #42

I have the Wristocats coming in and am waiting on my Keyboardio in MP5. I’ll comment here on if they work out in combination or not!

(fluffy) #43

oh dang, I’d be really interested in knowing how that works out. Being an Indiegogo project I assumed it was just pie-in-the-sky vaporware but it looks like they’re actually shipping now? Neat!

(Tré Ammatuna) #44

I got the Wristocats in, they are heavenly! Seriously, everyone that touches them is amazed at how soft and supportive they are!

Problem is I don’t know if they will work well with the Keyboardio due to their height. However, they may work without the base. The great thing is they came with 3 different pads and I think, if anything, one of those pads will work really well on the Keyvoardio without the base and then you still have the Wristocats for other things which is why I felt fine ordering them.


@TreTuna I would be interested in hearing your opinion about the Wristocats too.

My main concerns are:

  • do they fit on the wrist area of the Model 01? They look too big for it.
  • with the way they elevate your wrists, can you still comfortably press the FN key?
  • resting my wrist on the keyboard’s wooden wrist area is pretty uncomfortable if I’m wearing a wristwatch. Do the Wristocats help in this regard?

(Tré Ammatuna) #46

I’ll let you know as soon as my mp5 01 comes in!

(fluffy) #47

My arts-and-crafts palm rests ended up not really helping in the long run and I’m still looking for something better. Maybe I’ll try just putting a loop of painter’s tape on the bottom of the gel rests I was using before, since those were comfortable, at least.

(Tré Ammatuna) #48

Well, this is the first post I’m typing on the Keyboardio here and sadly it’s to report that the Wristocats are definitely not the way to go here. They are just too big for it. I definitely want to find something of the same comfort level, but these are not them.

I even tried the lowest profile pad without the main base and it almost worked out, but I couldn’t get to the palm keys well enough.

(fluffy) #49

The thick gel wrests are pissing me off again. Maybe I just need to learn to not wrest my hands on the keyboard while I type.


I’ve made a few iterations of a rice filled wrist rest that I’m able to rest my forearms on to keep my palms off the keyboardio. When I do rest my palm, I have a smaller rice filled bag to place underneath. It was made a huge difference with my level of fatigue at the end of a 10 hour day.

(Paul Morrison) #51

This looks very interesting. Do you have a pic from the front?

I’m assuming the rice filled wrest is higher than the keyboard itself…


In the first version, it did not come higher than the keyboard. This second one does come higher.

(Nick) #53

Ergonomically, should this not be high at the front and centre back - then tented down in the back left and right corners?


The perimeter profile of the rest is somewhat fixed, but since it is filled with rice the levels at which your hands or arms sit can be adjusted by gathering or distributing the rice as needed.

(tiltowaitt) #55

Ergonomically, should this not be high at the front and centre back - then tented down in the back left and right corners?

If we’re really going to get into it, wrist rests tend to be used incorrectly—they are wrist rests, not stands. Ideally, you should float your hands over the keys and only rest them when needed, for short periods. And if you really want to get into it, your keyboard should be tented so much it should be (almost) vertical, which pretty much precludes the use of wrist rests in the first place!