Model 01 Quiet Click for Sale [Sold]

Item: Model 01-Q (#003346)
Price: $265.00 plus shipping. Available for pickup or drop-off if local.
Condition: Like New. Used for 3 weeks but I couldn’t adjust to it.
Location: South Idaho.

A bit more about the item, including a few pictures: The keyboard looks brand new and has everything that it came with in the package, including the QuickStart Guide, center bar/tripods keyboard chart, screwdriver, and original box.

Despite my custom Dvorak layout, my small hands still experienced a lot of pain when either typing for work or gaming. For typical folks who are either in the beginning stages of RSI or are simply trying to prevent it from happening, I believe this keyboard would be perfect for them.

As a bonus, I’ll throw in a like-new wired Elecom Huge trackball (M-HT1URBK). This device is ideal for people who mostly use their right hand for mousing and want something more ergonomic.

Would you consider shipping to the UK?

@nevd Sorry, it’s already sold.

Hi @nevd. I’ve got one I’d be happy to ship to the UK. Let me know if you’re interested.