Model 100 unresponsive, even after restart

So today I was typing away and the ‘m’ keyboard apparently became stuck. After filling a screen full of mmmmm I unplugged the keyboard, waited a bit and plugged it in again. While the lights came up as expected, it was unresponsive. Chrysalis also seems to take longer than usual when trying to connect to it. I’m going to try flashing it hoping it will come to its senses, but this isn’t a good experience…

Update: Chrysalis could not save the EEPROM contents, so I had to enable the toggle to erase EEPROM contents. That got the keyboard working again, but now I lost my dynamic macros. Is there a way to restore the EEPROM contents that had been saved in previous runs?

Today the keyboard froze again, the left ctrl key lit up, but not able to e.g. change layers. Had to unplug and plug in again :confused:

And the hang/unresponsive keyboard problem just happened again, will probably need to reset EEPROM again. This time I was on the latest stock firmware flashed through Chrysalis, to rule out any issues with my custom firmware. Ping @jesse

This time I was able to get it working again after leaving it unplugged for 10 seconds (didn’t help last time).

I’m a little surprised that EEPROM resetting would have any effect on what you’re describing. It sounds like an issue that @argonblue is chasing with interaction with certain USB configurations.

Is your keyboard plugged directly into your computer or is it plugged into a hub? Is that hub just a usb hub or does it also have a monitor plugged into it?

It is connected to a 15W USB4 port of a CalDigit TS4 hub, which is also powering a MacBook Pro M1 Max. A Dell U2720Q LCD monitor is also connected to it.

Ok. I suspect this is the USB timeout issue that @argonblue is currently working on a fix for. Just for testing, would you mind connecting the keyboard directly to the computer?

It would also be helpful to know if you can reproduce this behavior with the monitor not plugged into the hub, but with the keyboard plugged into the hub.

@MalarJuggler Has this been continuing to happen or has it resolved?

@jesse I haven’t seen it happen again (and it is still connected through my CalDigit TS4 - maybe different port), thanks for asking.

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