My keyboard died?


I have used my new keyboard a couple of times. I think it works great. I haven’t tried to update the firmware or anything yet but now it’s dead. I used it earlier today and I have been away from the computer for a while and now it doesn’t work. I have tried to reboot the computer and unplugged the keyboard and so on but still dead. The led button doesn’t work either. I have also tried another computer but the same thing. what should I do?

Apart from mailing, have you tried a different cable?

Indeed, please mail us at ASAP so we can figure out what’s wrong and get you a replacement.

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I have now send you two e-mails… I’ve just tried a new usb cable and it didn’t help.

Yup. (Did you see my reply the other day asking for a bit more detail?)

Regardless, I just replied to you by email confirming that you got a defective keyboard and asking a couple questions to kick off the process of replacing the defective keyboard.

I’m really sorry it’s not working and want to reassure you that we’ll make this right.


sorry, you ended up in my spam folder. I have now send you an reply. As I said in the e-mail. Things like this happens, you have managed to make a cool product regardless…

It’s all fine. I’m glad we had this backchannel to figure out what had happened :slight_smile:


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I got the spare parts today and I have just changed it and everything works nicely