Numlock issue at keybr

I am having a slight issue with my model 01 (maybe) and I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing it. I have been practicing my typing at I wanted to practice my numpad typing so I wrote a small python script to generate random numpad text that I could use as practice text at While practicing the numpad text and using the numlock on the model 01 about halfway through the practice text my practice session immediately advances. This does not happen while I’m am using the numpad with numlock on my laptop keyboard (yes, my laptop has a full numpad). This issue is easily reproducible for me. Chrome browser.

My first questions would be:

  1. Does it happen if you use the non-numpad versions of the keys?
  2. Does it happen in another browser?
  3. What OS and version?
  4. Are you running the stock firmware that came with your Model 01? We’ve done some work to improve the numpad mode since then.

Nevermind, it must be something at I just had it occur with my laptop numpad on further testing. Still can’t figure why it occurs. But if it is happening with another numpad it’s not the model 01’s fault. Maybe it is something related to making a typing mistake because I was making more mistakes using the model 01’s numpad.

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Do make sure that it happens with your laptop’s numpad with the Model 01 disconnected. Numlock state on some machines is…weird.

Issue occurs when the model 01 is completely disconnected. Occurs even if no typing mistakes are made. Maybe has something to do with the random numeric operators that were in the practice strings and I just got some bad strings while using the model 01 so it made it seem related.