On my wishlist: Custom printed keycaps

I am certain this is waaaaay down the list of things to make happen, but it would be lovely someday, once my layout is settled, to be able to order a custom set of keycaps that matches my layout. I would expect to pay well for the service.

I am just beginning my remapping journey, and I already have a keyboard that is impossible for anyone else to use without an explanation. It’s only going to get weirder from here!



We really want to do 'em. We’re just starting on that part of the journey, though.


oh! No rush at all. I expect dialing in what I would want to order will take ages. Glad to hear it’s already on the list!

I will definitely be a customer.

Just noodling on this problem, and remembered reading that the thumb keys are all the same mold. I expect they will also see the most customization. Might it be easier to offer custom thumb keys on a faster track than full custom keyboard sets?

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The thumb keys are all the same shape. The keys are injection molded as a set. But part of the reason for making the thumb keys identical is so that users can swap them around.


That sounds great.

So there is no hurry to order keycaps from backerkit? I would love to order the black keys but also would be very happy to have workman layout so that friends could at least type when looking.

Thanks for letting us be part of your journey!

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Maybe there’s a good halfway point. Poll current (and future?) owners for the keycaps they most want. Then you can do some runs of keycaps that are “most wanted” above some threshold. This has the virtue that probably future customers will want them as well…

Personally as a Mac user, long time Kinesis user, and developer I suspect my “most wanted” would intersect with quite a few others.

Actually it be great just to order some existing keycaps. I need another cmd key, for example.