[Sold]For Sale: Model 01 MP3 Quiet hardly used - Wisconsin

Item: Model 01 MP3 (i think)
Price: $225 Shipped within the US
Condtion: Used but like new (No more box :confused: )
Location: Wisconsin

I have given the model 01 some time for adjustment but i found my 3d modeling and web dev stuff more productive with my custom macro’ed usb numpad. I love what the model 01 is. I love all the options but i still find myself spending extra time remembering all the fn settings. Maybe one day another model will be released that may be a better suit for me. Everything is here but the screwdriver and the packaging.
it will ship via flat rate 2day priority usps.

I’m interested! Sent you a message.

I’m also interested. Sold yet? Wondering whether a Wisconsin pickup is possible too.