[Solved] Can't type danish character 'Å' in Chrome on MacOS

If you are using MacOS, could you test and see if you have the same problem. I’d like to know if it is a problem for me alone (related to keyboard hacks on my machine) or if it is a general bug in Chrome.

Test: In Chrome on MacOS, try typing option+shift+a and see if it gives you Å

On my macbook I can type danish characters using the classic:

  1. option ’ = æ
  2. option o = ø
  3. option a = å
  4. option shift ’ = Æ
  5. option shift o = Ø
  6. option shift a = Å

All six works in pages, Firefox and iTerm.
Only the first five works just fine in chrome.
So my problem is that I can’t type ‘Å’ in chrome.
My language settings is US and the keyboard is also US.

I am able to type Å on macOS (Mojave) in Chrome (70). I am using close to the original key layout for the firmware. I am also set to U.S. input source.

  1. Are you able to type Å in the Chrome page on the macbook keyboard?
  2. Are you able to type Å in Chrome, on a different site?
  3. Chrome also has language settings (under Settings -> Advanced), which may be worth checking out. Mine is currently set to English (United States) and English.

FWIW, Karabiner-Elements has an event viewer which can be handy to see better details of what is being sent.

Thank you very much for replying :smiley:

  1. As far as I can tell my problem is not keyboard specific, which is why I posted it in off-topic. It works is in all apps except for Chrome, no matter which keyboard I use.
  2. It doesn’t work in Chrome – no matter where I try it. I usually test it in the address bar
  3. My language settings is English (US), Danish, English

I have Karabiner installed (not Karabiner Elements - which is a fork??).
When I use the eventviewer I get the following output when I hit fn+shift+p, which in my layout maps to option+shift+a.

|eventType:FlagsChanged code:0x38 name:Shift_L flags:Shift misc:KeyCode::SHIFT_L| characters: |
|eventType:FlagsChanged code:0x3a name:Option_L flags:Shift Opt misc:KeyCode::OPTION_L| characters: |
|eventType:KeyDown code:0x0 name:A flags:Shift Opt misc:KeyCode::A| characters:Å |
|eventType:FlagsChanged code:0x3a name:Option_L flags:Shift misc:KeyCode::OPTION_L| characters: |
|eventType:KeyUp code:0x0 name:A flags:Shift misc:KeyCode::A| characters:A |
|eventType:FlagsChanged code:0x38 name:Shift_L flags: misc:KeyCode::SHIFT_L| characters:|

The output is similar to Æ/Ø which works - and also the letter works everywhere, except in Chrome.

It is really, really strange. But I suppose that it is good to know that it only happens on my machine. That should indicate that something is wrong with my Chrome installation…

I am on Version 70.0.3538.110 (Official Build) (64-bit) and Mojave, just like you.

Is option+shift+a a Chrome shortcut for something? Maybe it’s being stolen away for some function.

I use option + shift + A in Chrome to toggle the Dark Reader extension for the domain of the current tab. Google doesn’t list that combo as a default shortcut for Chrome, but it’s possible an extension you’ve got is trapping that key combo.

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Thank you all.

Yes, @merlin Dark Reader ate my Å !!

I didn’t think of that!

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