What to do if a keyswitch stops working

I’ve spent quite a lot of time polishing up my keyboard layout and mounting hardware, and I feel like I’m getting close to the ideal version for me. Unfortunately, after flashing my firmware with the latest update this morning, I noticed that my “4” key was no longer working. (Obviously, I’m not typing on it right now.) I don’t think I’d ever done a key-by-key test prior to that point, so I doubt it was the firmware flash that caused the problem.

On my Mac, Karabiner’s “Event Viewer” doesn’t seem to see any events happening when I press that key, so it’s not just generating something oddly non-printable.

Any thoughts on how to debug this?

@blakej Drop us a note at help@keyboard.io? If it’s a hardware issue, there are some debugging steps I can walk you through. One way or another, we’ll get it sorted out for you.

I found myself in a similar situation recently; my space key became unusable. I found this thread from search, perhaps you could share some debugging suggestions with the thread?

Depending of your keyboard, you can :

Happy hacking :smile: