Dvorak keycap misprint?

I received my Dvorak keycaps this week (hooray!) but I have noticed that one of the keycaps appears to have been printed upside down (the quote key, the one that goes where QWERTY Q normally does). When installed with the legend the “right way up”, it scrapes against the key to its left, and the profile is completely out of place. When installed “upside down” it fits perfectly…

I have used the QWERTY Q key for comparison:
image3 image2

Note the reversed slant when installed “correctly”:
image1 image0

And beware how it interferes with neighbouring keys:

It looks like it got lasered upside down. Drop us email at help@keyboard.io and we’ll get you a replaceent.


I had a similar issue, but my “upside down” key was the “>.”. Jesse sent me another set of keycaps and now I’m all sorted. Thanks @jesse!