Media keys misbehave (registering multiple times occasionally)

When I use my key mapped to Consumer_PlaySlashPause, it occasionally registers two presses immediately one after the other.

When I use my key mapped to Consumer_ScanNextTrack, it consistently skips two tracks every time.

They are not contained inside any macros or anything. Here’s my mapping. My play button is on line 78, and my skip button is on line 120.

What OS are you using the keyboard with?

I am using Windows 10, but I’ve skipped out on the latest major feature update.

Can you report an issue against KeyboardioHID? I’ll try to find some time to look into it, if I can reproduce under Win8.1. An issue would be great because that’s easier for me to remember than a forum thread O:)

Alright. I’ve done that here. The skip track thing turned out not to be hardware. I’m wondering if it’s a bug in the music app I’m using.