Specs, Details, and the Future

I know its probably around here somewhere… and yes, I may get scolded for being lazy (because I am). But can we use this thread to:

a) post the specs of the keyboard? connectors, dimensions, memory, power consumption, etc.
b) post the actual layout (done, see below)
c) what we’d like to see in future iterations (I know its early, but start dreaming now)…

I know one big thing people kept asking about is wireless/bluetooth, J+K can comment on that. The other thing that crossed my mind was: how feasible would it have been to add a chip slot (micro sdhc, similar to cell phones etc.) so we can load layouts or pick from that.

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More detailed specs than are on the Kickstarter page are going to have to wait until we’re 100% locked down for manufacturing.

For wireless - It’s a pain in the ass to ship things with batteries, and the LEDs draw a lot of power, so we’re not likely to go there anytime soon ourselves. But you have enough pins from the microcontroller that you should be able to hack something together yourself. Ditto with that SD slot :slight_smile:

This would also allow those of us who need to support and add new keyboard layouts to store Win/Mac/Linux layouts and installers with the keyboard which is really useful.


Yeah. And it would enable other cool stuff like a hardware password manager. We punted for the same reason we punted on the pointing device – scope creep.


One good news is that batteries seem to be on the path to improve dramatically over the next few years, both in terms of performance and environmental impact.

Another thing I’d like in a future iteration are keycaps with a little screen on them. When the tech is ready, of course.

(I suspect my old keyboard sensed it was going to be replaced – I broke my spacebar!)

Oh, the pointing device is out? :frowning: Oh well. I loved having that in my Datahand, and was looking forward to having that again, but it’s understandable to remove it as well.

We punted on a physical pointing device. Pointing device emulation is still totally there.

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Oh! I didn’t even know there was a physical pointing device under consideration in the first place. :slight_smile:

Yeah, we’d really wanted dual trackpoints. But it wasn’t happening.