What to do if your keyboard seems to duplicate keystrokes or a key stops working


contact support@keyboard.io this is a common issue contacting support will get instructions to fix this issue and extend your warranty. There is a firmware fix coming soon™ that is supposed to help with these issues.

(Gergely Nagy) #22

This is known as chatter, and sadly, sometimes happens with earlier Model01s, due to the lubing applied by the keyswitch vendor (as far as I understand). Shoot a mail to help@keyboard.io, and they’ll help you fix it.

(pnunn) #23

Great. thanks for the quick follow up folks. Amazing. I’ve sent the email. Lets see what transpires.


I’ve noticed sometimes when I press the space or backspace keys while typing I get duplicated key presses. The multi-presses seem to cluster together, as sometimes I can go for a while without seeing any and then extra spaces start popping up in-between almost every word. I don’t think I’m pressing the keys any differently but that is of course possible; maybe a more diagonal pressure on the key could cause it to jitter on the switch at the actuation point and send multiple key presses?

It has happened much less frequently on non-thumb keys. I had a bad episode before leaving work this past Thursday where I was getting so many duplicated characters I checked if it wasn’t something wrong with my vim config (I saw dupes in other applications as well to confirm it). The problem continued after I unplugged/replugged the USB cable but after leaving work that day I haven’t had an episode that bad.

Has anyone else encountered a problem like this? I am using a M01 Quiet with a mostly default layout on Ubuntu 16.04.

PS I counted 5 double spaces and one triple space while typing this post. I left them in the text but I think they won’t survive the conversion from markdown.

Edit: Just reading around I’ve found this is called “chatter” and not “jitter” like I thought. There’s a test mode to check your switch function with and a [help address to email] (What to do if you experience key chatter): help@keyboard.io. The test shows my keyboard has several chattery keys glowing red after running the test.